Who are Urban Essentials?

We lead and inspire women to take ownership of their health, wealth and business. Through our community, where we encourage women to be themselves, break old belief patterns and cultivate the feminine, we empower women to step into leadership, ownership and spaces they did not previously see themselves.

We protect Mother Earth by inspiring, sharing information, encourage conscious consumerism and a sustainable lifestyle. We lead by example and strive to be the change we want to see in others.

Urban Essentials invest in a greener world and companies with a sustainable and social impact. Our long-term goal is to invest in female entrepreneurs that share our mission and vision for a greener world.

Together we can create a wave of change.

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Iselin Larsen

Founder & Owner

Two years ago, I jumped off the corporate train to start my own business. I went from a rising career in the tech industry, into the unknown and founded Urban Essentials. It's been bumpy and didn't really turn out the way I had planned - it turned out much better.


My background is diverse, and this diversity has given me insight into a variety of industries, people and concepts. I have studied sustainability, tourism, yoga and nutrition, worked in sales within NGO's, retail and tech. 


I've created the road while doing the work and allowed myself to shift and change. Today, my main focus is to drive Urban Essentials forward as a company that empowers women and protects mother earth, alongside with running one of Norway's biggest dōTERRA teams. 


Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin for future business collaborations, but be sure to write me a short note on who you are. 


Who am I?

I am a fierce Aries who was lucky enough to get Taurus as my sun sign. I initiate and start things, but also see them through. Every time. I am extremely dedicated and but at the same time allow myself to shift and change like the seasons of our earth.

As a Projector, my mission is to inspire the people around me, lift them and show them a different way of life. My sense of justice goes deep, and I will fight hard for the people I love, animals and Mother Earth.

I have one foot in the spiritual world and another in the business world - and I love this combination!

I am a free spirit who enjoys my own company and don't take orders from people unless I feel it's worth the effort. I don't waste time and are highly aware of where I spend my energy.

As an emotional and empathetic being, I've spent my grownup years cracking myself up - piece by piece - after building fences and hard surfaces all my life. I believe that our body, mind and spirit are all intervened in how we feel both physically, mentally and emotionally.

My biggest passion in life is to guide and inspire others to empower themself, raise their vibrations and live a healthy and wealthy life.

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