Fullmåneformørkelse i Steinbukken juli 2020

moon Jul 04, 2020

Det emosjonelle arbeidet

Søndagens fullmåne i Steinbukken treffer meg på alle nivåer. Den snakker til meg og minner meg på at den viktigste jobben jeg gjør i...

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Nymåne Krepsen juni 2020

moon Jun 21, 2020

Full fart i universet

Det skjer så mye spennende i universet i disse dager. Søndag kveld er det nymåne i Krepsen, men også solformørkelse. Lørdag snudde solen...

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Fullmåneformørkelse i Skytten - juni 2020

moon Jun 05, 2020

Eclipse sesong

Denne fullmånen er den første i sommerens eclipse sesong som startet 2 juni. Hver sommer har vi normalt to eclipser, eller formørkelser, en i solen og...

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Work with the moon phases

moon May 24, 2020

The Moons journey around earth

Every month Sister Moon presents us with a moon cycle. Starting with The New Moon where she is beside the sun, travelling around earth followed by The Waxing...

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New Moon Gemini May 2020

moon May 21, 2020

This New Moon is a gift

Wow. This new moon is just what the world needs right now - and therefore I hope that you will, like me, work with this new moon energy to change perceptions and current...

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The New Moon

moon May 20, 2020

New moon - new moon cycle 

The new moon kicks off a new moon cycle - every month. When the moon is new, she is next to the sun, giving us the same astrological sign in both the sun and the...

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A woman's four seasons - work with your body, not against it

life May 16, 2020

We are nature

Women go through four seasons each month. This affects our energy levels, mood and productivity, whether we like it or not - so why not get to know our body and work with its cycles,...

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Full Moon Scorpio May 2020

moon May 06, 2020

Preparing for eclipse season

We are awaiting one of the most potent full moons of all 2020, preparing us for the eclipse season coming up this summer - the feminine full moon in Scorpio, May...

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The Full Moon

moon May 06, 2020

Why is the full moon so special? 

The full moon is the peak of the full moon cycle, about two weeks after the new moon. It is the most active phase, where we can see sister moon shine her...

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Green and healthy cafés in Oslo

life sustainability Feb 13, 2020

Where do you find the goodies?

I get a lot of questions about healthy and green cafés in Oslo, and this is one of the first things I google when I travel to a new town or city. Therefore,...

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