A woman's four seasons - work with your body, not against it

life May 16, 2020

We are nature

Women go through four seasons each month. This affects our energy levels, mood and productivity, whether we like it or not - so why not get to know our body and work with its cycles, not against it?

Just as nature goes through its four seasons every year, women go through four seasons every month. Beautifully, nature is designed to shift between yin and yang. When winter occurs, and everything is frozen, we would never expect a wildflower to blossom - we expect nature to take a break because it's natural. So why do we expect ourselves to blossom every day of the month, all year?

Learn to shift between "on" and "off"

Our society is not designed to take woman's cycles into account, so we must make this consideration ourselves. Unfortunately, there are far too many who lack knowledge of their own body and cycle, who are "on" all the time, blaming themselves the days where they have less energy. The result is that we wear out because we never offer our body time to recover.

How does our cycle affect us?

If we get to know our cycles and how our body responds to them, we can start to plan our life accordingly.

Winter - menstruation
Winter is the time when we have menstruation and bleed. This is a time for turning the focus inward, resting, reflecting and practising self-care. Just as nature hibernates through the winter, our bodies need us to slow down and pause.

Spring - follicular phase
Spring is the first days after bleeding. Nature wakes up after a long winter, flowers blossom again, and we receive more energy from the sun. We women become more extroverted, get more energy, can plan and start new projects.

Summer - ovulation
Summer is the time for ovulation. Nature has offered us some extra attractiveness, productiveness, and we are at our most fertile. We feel energised, creative and magnetic.

Autumn - luteal phase
Autumn is the last phase before menstruation. The leaves of the trees drop from the trees, and in the same way, our hormones drop. This makes our energy level lower, making it a perfect time to complete projects and say "no thank's" to people, social events and plans that you don't want to give your energy and time.

Awareness is the key

If we become conscious of our own inner nature, we can slowly but surely organise around our cycle. As we become better at listening to our bodies, we also pay more attention and can slow down the pace when needed. This gives us increased energy when the times we need to be "on", making us more productive in our daily life because we have recharged our batteries and are ready to go!

Celebrate your body

It's a shame that most of us aren't taught about our cycle from an early age. I discovered this knowledge only a couple of years ago, and it revolutionised the way I listened to my body and celebrated my feminity. I see my cycle as my strength, not weakness - and have therefore dedicated an entire module in my new online course to this topic. You'll have the opportunity to go deeper into your own cycle, become conscious of your body's need and celebrate how amazing you are.


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