Five easy tips for a more sustainable bathroom

life sustainability Feb 09, 2020

There are thousands of things you can do to live more sustainably, but with a myriad of tips and recommendations, its easy to get more lost and overwhelmed than clear and decisive. 


Therefore I'm giving you my top five tips for a more sustainable bathroom. My favourite store is online, Bee:Eco, but more and more stores sell these products, like health stores and local organic stores. 


1. Washable makeup removal pads

I've used these pads for about a year, and they are genius. No more cotton pads used once, then thrown away. Made of organic cotton they are thicker, larger and softer than a regular cotton pad, making them much easier and comfortable to use. I wash them in a laundry bag on 60 degrees, dry them and use them again and again. I would say these are the perfect gift to someone who "has everything", I know I would be super happy to receive this myself. 



2. Wooden hairbrush 

Most of my hairbrushes through my life has been made of plastic. What about yours? Now, I love my wooden hairbrush, and it gives my scalp a gentle massage when I brush my hair. It also looks much better in your bathroom with a pretty wooden hairbrush, and it honestly feels much better as well to know it can be recycled and arent made of plastic. 



3. Wooden Toothbrush

If you haven't swapped your plastic toothbrush for a wooden one, now is the time! You can purchase them in most grocery stores, they're cheap, and there are various brands to choose from (they even have kids versions). There are bamboo, wooden and recycled plastic alternatives, and the best choices are the ones without a plastic brush. 



4. Menstruation cup, organic tampons and sanitary pads

Regular tampons contain toxins from the bleaching process, just like toilet paper, diapers and coffee filters. And trust me, you don't want this toxin in your vagina days in a row, every month, half your life - because your body will absorb some of these toxins and fibres from the tampon can come off at any time.


Therefore the menstruation cup, organic tampons and sanitary pads are a must. I used to order organic tampons from the USA many years ago because I couldn't find them in Norway, but now, luckily they're available in local health and organic stores, as well as several online stores. It's better for your health and better for the planet, win-win. 


Using a menstruation cup is preferable because it's reusable and therefore less waste, as well as much cheaper for your wallet. I use Organicup, but there are many providers - just make sure it's a sustainable brand.



5. Traditional razor

This one is next on my list. I have a couple of razor refills left until I'm purchasing a traditional razor with replaceable razor blades. Think about how many razors we use throughout our lives, both men and women, and they are freakin expensive as well. It's time to go back to basics, and I think we call all agree that these traditional razors both look and feel much better as well. 




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