Full Moon Scorpio May 2020

moon May 06, 2020

Preparing for eclipse season

We are awaiting one of the most potent full moons of all 2020, preparing us for the eclipse season coming up this summer - the feminine full moon in Scorpio, May 7th. 


Scorpio represents the water element, the feminine and power. She is intuitive, follows her instinct and are the most magical signs of them all. Her emotional depth and mystical being can make most people uncertain of how to approach her - but also gives her the ability to look deep into the dark sides of life and her emotions. There is nothing superficial about her, and Scorpio refuses to be controlled by any person or situation. 

This full moon

As you might have guessed already, this full moon is intense, and Scorpio will help guide you in the direction of your fears and darkness. Not in a masculine pushy way, but in a feminine intuitive way which uncovers your power and potential if you do your inner work. Scorpio is here on earth do to the deep internal work and use it to empower herself - and now you can do the same. 

The meaning of the full moon

Every full moon is an opportunity to work on our shadows and dark sides. Read this blog post on the full moon in general. 

What are you afraid of? 

What is holding you back from reaching your full potential? What are your triggers? The situations or people that make you bite like Scorpio herself? Scorpio unbalanced can be one of the most manipulative, cruel and destructive signs. She could be poison to everyone around her if the feels threatened, unsafe or afraid. These are traits we can all recognise from time to time, but they come from an unbalances being. And this full moon is your time to look deep within, be honest with yourself and cast a light on your fears - because they are holding you back, blocking you from feeling secure and content. 

Full moon ritual

Find a comfortable place to sit, either on a chair, on the floor or somewhere you know you can relax. Have a pen, paper, a candle and a ceramic bowl nearby. 

Close your eyes and take some deep inhales. Feel how your breath travels from the tip of your nostrils - down through your chest and belly. Feel how your abdomen rises and creates space between your navel and spine. Notice any other sensations you might feel. 

When you feel ready; write down your deepest fears, no limitations. Think of situations, big or small, where fear visits your everyday life. Think about your triggers and write it all down. If you feel angry or feel like crying, let it all out. Remember, every feeling will pass if you shine a light on it and let it pass. Emotions are not dangerous, even if they're uncomfortable.

Let go of your fears

When you've written all of your fears on a piece of paper, read them all once more. Set the note on fire, place it in the ceramic bowl and watch all of your fears burn away. Let them go, one by one - they do not serve you. Take a few deep breaths in and imagine breathing in healing, clarity and cleansing - breath out and see all your fears disappear from your body along with your breath. 

Give thanks to yourself and sister moon for this opportunity to work on yourself and your fears. 

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