The New Moon

moon May 20, 2020

New moon - new moon cycle 

The new moon kicks off a new moon cycle - every month. When the moon is new, she is next to the sun, giving us the same astrological sign in both the sun and the moon - making the energies of the sign even more powerful. She then travels all the way around earth for her moon cycle, and every 29,5 days she's back with the sun again, starting a new cycle. 

Dark moon 

The new moon is the darkest period of the moon cycle, as the moon is hardly visible. Darkness and stillness present us with the perfect opportunity to tune inwards, listen to our body and emotions and set intentions for the coming cycle. It is the best time to hear your own voice and listen to your soul. 

The energy of each astrological sign

On the new moon, the sun and the moon stand in equal signs. Which sign depends on the month we're in, but it follows the astrological calendar. Each sign has it's high and low vibrations, setting the tone for the new moon theme along with other factors that astrologers read from our universe. 

Aries - I am - March 21st to April 19th

Taurus - I have - April 120h to May 20th

Gemini - I think - May 21st to June 20th 

Cancer - I feel - June 21st to July 22nd

Leo - I will - July 23rd to August 22nd

Virgo - I analyse - August 23rd to September 22nd 

Libra - I balance - September 23rd to October 22nd

Scorpio - I desire - October 23rd to November 21st 

Sagittarius - I seek - November 22nd to December 21st

Capricorn - I use - December 22nd to January 19th

Aquarius - I know - January 20th to February 18th 

Pisces - I dream - February 19th to March 20th 

How to work with the new moon

The new moon represents new beginnings. This is your opportunity to plant new seeds for the coming moon cycle, set your intentions and dream big. It is a time for manifestation, using the energies of the sign the new moon is in. Even though you're not born in the given sign, you will still feel its energy and vibration. 

We can dream, manifest and attract any energy we want. It is ourself, our subconsciousness and limiting beliefs that stand in the way - blocking our growth and development. This is why working with the moon cycles are so powerful. We get to work on every energy there is, from every sign - all year round - showing us everything from our deepest fears to our biggest dreams. 


When writing about the moon cycles my main inspirations - besides personal experience and knowledge - is Spirit DaughterMystic Mamma and the books The Signs by Caroline Faulkner, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Taylor Trade and Magic Of I. 

If you want to follow the moon cycles, I would recommend the app Deluxe Moon.


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