New Moon Gemini May 2020

moon May 21, 2020

This New Moon is a gift

Wow. This new moon is just what the world needs right now - and therefore I hope that you will, like me, work with this new moon energy to change perceptions and current stories. This is your gift if you're willing to receive it. The new moon and Gemini energy will push you in the right direction and reveal the shadow sides of you that need some work. 


They say that a balanced Gemini is the most exciting and interesting people to be around. As the first Air sign in the Zodiac, ruled by Mercury, she is always on the search for new knowledge and information. She is sharp, smart, fun and a great communicator. Ruled by Mercury, she is intelligent, logical and analytical, and when balanced, she's able to see two sides of every story. This again makes her a great debater who often wins discussions. Gemini people are some of the most engaging, enjoyable and optimistic, refusing to be dragged down to anything less than that.

An unbalances Gemini, on the other hand, can get ignorant, shallow and gossipy. She can show herself as a two-faced person, or maybe speaking with two tounges. Spending time on superficial information and people, she can quickly get caught in a low-vibe spiral where nothing of value gets done.

Gemini New Moon

This new moon is juicy and will help you shift into new perspectives and ways of thinking. Read more about how the new moon affects us in this blogpost. From we are small children, we record everything that we see, hear and perceive and store it on our internal hard drive - without a filter. We don't judge or think about what's right or wrong, we just take in everything, right or wrong, good or bad. Research shows that most of our belief systems originate from the age of 0-7, meaning we don't have much control over how we see the world. Until we are adults and can start deconditioning, that is. 


Everything we record as children become a part of our unconsciousness. Even though humans are smart thinkers, around 90% of our thoughts, actions and belief systems stem from our unconscious mind - only 10% is conscious. This means that our childhood and past have an enormous say on how we make decisions, act and feel in our everyday life. Fear, limiting beliefs, blockages, triggers - it's all a collection of your previous experiences - and most likely limits you from living your full potential. This might give you a shock or an eye-opener, but the good thing is that we can work on and shift our current belief systems - and that's the theme for this new moon.

Put on new glasses

Let's say you have a pair of glasses. These glasses contain your entire past, belief systems, feelings and ways of thinking. You wear them every day, making desitions and acting accordingly. Gemini encourages you to see your world from different angles, so what if you took off your glasses and put on a new pair? How would you see the world? How would you react to everyday situations? What would trigger you? How would you feel?

There is always two sides of a cause or multiple ways of perceiving things. Being a know-it-all person only limits you from experiencing all aspects of your life. The new moon is a dark period of the moon cycle, inviting you to silence and moving inwards. Listen to your body, ask yourself where you could benefit from putting on new glasses or even see something from a different angle. Let your unconsciousness speak to you and receive its information.

Shift and create a new vision

When you challenge yourself, your belief systems and the way you perceive your surroundings, you open yourself up to new visions and higher vibrations. We must always let go of something old to make space for the new. And now is the perfect time to throw away what doesn't serve you and set new intentions for the future.

New moon ritual

This new moon ritual is for everyone using essential oils. Download this PDF to get instructions to how you can work on releasing old belief systems and setting new intentions. Good luck <3 

Exclusive moon ceremonies and inner wisdom

Would you like to join our exclusive and live online moon ceremonies? Read more about our new online course, where this will be an essential part, besides learning about how natures and our own cycles affect our daily life. 



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