The Full Moon

moon May 06, 2020

Why is the full moon so special? 

The full moon is the peak of the full moon cycle, about two weeks after the new moon. It is the most active phase, where we can see sister moon shine her light on earth with full strength. 

Feminine and masculine

On the full moon, the sun and moon stand on opposite sides of the earth. The moon represents darkness, mystic and the feminine energies of intuition and receivership - the being and yin energy. The sun represents the opposite; light, energy and the masculine energies of force and control - the doing and yang energy. 

Opposite signs 

Whatever sign the full moon represents, the sun will be in the opposite sign - bringing these astrological energies to the surface, both the light and the dark. 

Aries - Libra

Taurus - Scorpio

Gemini - Sagittarius

Cancer - Capricorn

Leo - Aquarius 

Virgo - Pisces 


How we get affected by the full moon

The full moon is a period to work on our shadow sides, shine a light on them and let go. We often feel more deeply during the full moon, where old emotions and patterns we thought we were done with come to the surface. This can even make us get agitated and restless. People tend to get a more disturbed sleep, and the crime statistics peak during the full moon. We've all heard of the legends about the werewolves coming alive during the full moon and the word luna stems from the word luna (moon). 

A time to let go 

During the full moon energy each month, we are presented with an opportunity to let go. When we become aware of our dark sides and shadows, we can work on them, shift and let them go, to allow transformation to enter our lives. When we let go of old and destructive habits, thought patterns and dark emotions - we at the same time create space for something new to enter our lives (this is also where the new moon comes into the picture). This letting go and adapting the new is an ongoing and beautiful process that never ends, and we can use the moon cycles to work on ourself whenever we feel like and need to. 


When writing about the moon cycles my main inspirations - besides personal experience and knowledge - is Spirit Daughter, Mystic Mamma and the books The Signs by Caroline Faulkner, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Taylor Trade and Magic Of I. 

If you want to follow the moon cycles, I would recommend the app Deluxe Moon.

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