My top six podcasts for 2019

career investing life Jan 02, 2020


Why listen to podcasts?

Podcasts are an easy and fun way to learn and develop. There are podcasts on every subject you could ever imagine, and more coming. I listen to podcasts when I cook,...

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Life reflection wheel

career life Dec 29, 2019


As my good friend and coach, Maria Lønnemo said; if your life is on a boat in an endless ocean, your goals are like lighthouses, something to focus your energy and direction...

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How I structure my workdays as an entrepreneur

career Dec 29, 2019

An entrepreneur with a home office

As an entrepreneur working from home, I must structure my days and take responsibility for my workloads. No one is asking me what I did today or what I am doing;...

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Why I suck at working in open office spaces

career Dec 16, 2019

Open office spaces


For many years I was surrounded by hundreds of people during my workday, sitting in large office spaces at big organisations. I honestly thought I would miss my...

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Why I suck at having a boss

career Dec 10, 2019

Freedom and creativity

To me, there is nothing more disturbing than to be told what to do, especially if I don't understand the purpose. I've often felt suffocated and sort of held-down in my...

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