A unique community

Urban Essentials is a community for those who take full responsibility for their life and health, live a high-vibe lifestyle and work to continuously uplevel their physical, mental and emotional health.

We are women empowering the women around us, protecting mother earth, and raising the standard for what's possible in our health, wealth and life.

Everyone can be part of our tribe,
and maybe you already feel like part of it?

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Join our high-vibe community as a dōTERRA customer

What better way to uplevel and take care of your health than with powerful and natural tools? Essential oils might be just the push you need to take the next step for your physical, mental or emotional health and well-being.

On top of this, you get to join our oil unique community of empowered women and men who will inspire you to live a high-vibe lifestyle.

Yes to a high-vibe lifestyle!

Work with us

What are your dreams? Quality time with your family every day or extra time to do what you love? Healthier and wealthier economy? A community or workplace where you develop, grow, are lifted and cheered ahead? An opportunity to share your lifestyle with others? Inspire people to a better life, where they live more naturally and balanced?

Whatever your dreams or goals, there is room for you in the Urban Essentials team. The requirement we have for you is that you take full responsibility for your own life, love essential oils and live the dōTERRA lifestyle.

It's impossible to share this lifestyle with others if you do not lead by example; therefore, everything starts with you.

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Become an Advocate of Change

In dōTERRA, you build your own business, on your terms, at your own pace. You may want to:

- Receive free oils and products every month?
- Have a few thousand extra to spend each month?
- Eventually, quit your current job and do dōTERRA full time?

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Feminine leadership

As part of the Urban Essentials team, you get to participate in a unique culture of feminine leadership, where we lift each other and work together to achieve our dreams and goals.

We are all here because we want to, not because we have to. We use the essential oils to develop mentally and emotionally, to work through fears, limiting patterns, and barriers we might have in our body.

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